Alternate Game Modes

Mission Match (1–2 player memory game)

Lay out 4 cards of each type face down (4 Astronauts, 4 Planets, 4 Moons, 4 Technology). A player flips over two cards looking for a match. If cards don’ t match, return them to the table face down and the next player goes. If cards do match, remove those cards and take another turn. Player with the most cards wins.

Go on a Mission (2–4 players)

Remove Event cards from each player’s deck. Each player Draws a hand of 7 cards from their deck. Any Discarded cards are piled face up, next to the deck. At the start of each player’s turn, they Draw one card. Each player is trying to complete Missions. A Mission is completed by placing a Planet, Moon, and Astronaut from their hand onto the table. If a player draws a Technology, they may play it during any of their turns to Draw a card and Discard a card. First player to complete 4 Missions wins the game.




= 1 Mission

Advanced Play