Taking a Turn

At the start of each turn, begin by counting your Research Points (RP) per Turn. Look at your Destinations and Technology cards to find your RP per Turn. (On the first turn, you will not have any Destinations or Technology in play. That means you will be starting with zero RP, so go ahead skip this step on your first turn!)



Draw a card (If playing a 2 Player game, the Player who goes first does not Draw a card.)

You may then take the following actions. Only one card of each type (except Events*) may be played per turn:

Discover a Destination (On your first turn, you have to play a Planet. To play a Moon, you must have a Planet in play. Destinations are played next to each other, not stacked.)

Deploy an Astronaut (There must be a Destination in play to place your Astronaut on.)

Move an Astronaut (There must be a 2nd Destination for your Astronaut to Move to.)

Build a Technology (There must be an Astronaut in play to Build Technology.)

Spend RP to Activate Technology and take further game actions.

Events* can be played at any time during your turn. Any number of Events can be played in a turn.

End of turn

Example Turns

First Turn Example

Play: Destination (only a Planet can be played for First Turn ) >  Astronaut > Technology (if you have) > Events (optional and only if you have).

On your first turn, you have to play all of your cards in a specific order, due to the limitations of each card type. On your following turns, you’ll have more choice about the order in which you play cards. Maybe you want to keep a Moon in hand to get that +1RP from Deploying a Scientist? Or you  may wish to play another Technology before Deploying an Engineer to get an extra +3RP. There are lots of choices to make so try them all and find out the best strategy to be the first person to reach 200RP!

Second Turn Example

Count your RP (Research Points) and then Play: Destination (Moon or Planet) > Technology (if you have) > Astronaut (if you have), Events (if you have).

Winning the Game!

The first person to reach 200 RP wins the game!

WARNING:  If you run out of cards in your deck, you lose the game even if your opponent doesn’t have 200RP. You have limited resources, so use them wisely. Make sure that when you’re Drawing cards you don’t run out!

Check out our Tips, Tricks and Strategies to learn how to stay in the game.

Have fun and find the best ways to win!

Card Types