Welcome to the Control Room!

Your Mission

Mission Control is a game of skill, strategy, and luck! Your goal is to discover unknown Destinations and deploy your crew of Astronauts to install Technology and gain Research Points. Your deck of cards represents the resources at your disposal. Draw a hand of seven cards from your deck and begin your interstellar expedition. Be careful of Events while you’re out there! They can have devastating effects on both you and/or other Players.

The goal of the game is to Discover Planets and with the help of your Crew be the first person to reach 200 Research Points (RP). But don’t forget! You can also spend RP to Activate Technology for different effects. Maybe you’ll spend points on an early investment that could lead to more points later on! Or will you rush to get as many points as quickly as possible? Try different things and find out your favourite strategy.

Familiarize yourself with the different cards in the Card Gallery and check out our How to Play section for rules and more! There are also some helpful Instruction Cards in your deck that you can keep with you to help you keep track each turn. Set them beside your playing area for reference!

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