How to Play

Playing a Game

Mission Control is a Trading Card Game for 2-4 Players.

Each player needs a deck and each deck contain 50 cards: 34 “Crew” cards (14 Destinations, 12 Astronauts, 8 Technology) and 13 Events (2 Historic, 2 Special, 3 Direct, 3 Duration, 3 Sudden. Note: Sudden Events are only used for games with more than 2 players), and 3 Rule Cards. To see all the cards, please visit the Card Gallery.

Is this your first time playing Mission Control?

For an Introductory Experience, we recommend playing a game without using the Event Cards. This will give you a chance to get familiar with gameplay before things get too dangerous! 

When you add the Event cards back into the deck, make sure all players are using the same number of Events. If using Special Events, players MUST include both Special Events. If you playing with only 2 Players, remove the Sudden Events from the Deck.

To Start a Game:

Shuffle your deck and Draw a hand of seven cards. Make sure you have at least one Planet and one Astronaut in your opening hand. 


If you don’t, reveal this to the other player(s), shuffle that hand back into your deck and Draw seven new cards. If your hand has any Sudden Events (Meteor Shower, Supernova, Asteroid Field) or either of the Special Events (Black Hole, Eclipse), remove those cards and draw new cards until you have seven cards again. Then, shuffle the removed Events back into your deck.


Now you’re ready for the first turn!

Decide who goes first (e.g. flip a coin, play rock, paper, scissors, or choose oldest or youngest player).

Taking a Turn