Mission Control is a Trading Card Game published by BC Library Association for the BC Summer Reading Club

Mission Control provides 3 levels of play for different ages and abilities, from a colour-based matching game to a complex strategy game. Players will utilize skills in math, reading, puzzle-solving and decision-making, while learning about space and exploring our universe.


Game Design by Will Hopkins
Card Design by Bronwyn Handling (Terra Firma Digital Arts)


A Special thanks to Our Game Testers!

Francesca DeFreitas, Liam, Eoin, Julien, James, Maddox, Sophie, Ria, Katherine, Ada, Ted, Stephanie Hong, Jonathan Kift, Daelyn Lester-Serafini, Adriana Ravalli, Zac Scott, Cole Tinney, Ria Tinney, Derek Tinney, David Waddell, Jon Whipple.