Advanced Play

Think you’ve got the hang of the game and you’re ready to get experimental?

Try making your own deck! Using the cards from the game, follow this template to create your own Exploration Team.

14 Destinations

12 Astronauts (no more than 6 of any type eg: Max 6 Engineer and 6 Scout or 2 Doctor, 4 Scientist, and 6 Scout)

8 Technology (no more than 4 of any one type eg: Max 4 Mine and 4 Observatory or 3 Hospital, 2 Mine, 1 Observatory, and 2 Labs)

10 Events (2 of these MUST be Black Hole and Eclipse and 2 of them should be the Historic Events. The other 6 Events are up to you! If you’re playing with more than 2 players, add in 3 Sudden Events. Pick your favourites!)

Your deck comes with 2 Historic Events (Apollo 11, Canadarm) but you can get 2 Limited Edition Historic Events when you register for the BC SRC. This is the ONLY way to get these cards.

These rules should help keep gameplay balanced but really, you can play however you want!

Feel free to try new and different things and see what different combinations are possible. Some variations can be very powerful so make sure the other players know you’re using a Custom Deck. 

Glossary of Terms